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External References
  1. Scripps Institute of Oceanography (UC San Diego) Keeling Curve of Northern Hemisphere CO2 Levels.
    This page has many links to authoritative graphs and data on Northern Hemisphere atmospheric CO2 concentrations

    1. Data on Northern Hemisphere Atmospheric CO2 concentration from 1958 through the present presented in a comma-separated form useful for pasting into spreadsheets. This is also human-readable. Includes information for citation in academic papers. Missing data points are indicated as concentrations of -99.99.

  2. University of Alaska, Fairbanks IJIS
    Arctic Sea Ice Extent graphics, updated daily, monthly or annually, depending on the chart.

    1. Most recent decade averages and lowest individual years, updated daily, when possible.
      Large (1440 x 900) Color
      Large (1440 x 900) Monochrome

      Medium (720 x 450) Color
      Medium (720 x 450) Monochrome

    2. Most recent 12 years, updated daily, when possible.
      Large (1440 x 900) Color
      Medium (720 x 450) Color

  3. [US] National Snow and Ice Data Center
    NSIDC is part of the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The University and CIRES provide a collaborative environment and support for our research. NSIDC's research and scientific data management activities are supported by NASA, the National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and other federal agencies, through competitive grants and contracts.

    1. Interactive Sea Ice Graph Updated daily, when possible.
      This interactive graph allows you to see Arctic Sea Ice Extent data for individual years selected by you and/or Decade averages, along with the +- 2 Standard Deviation limits. A really nice display. Only works in Browsers that support HTML5 (Internet Explorer 7+, Safari, Firefox, Chrome).

  4. The Arctic World Main Page
    "DMI" Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

    1. Arctic Temperatures From "DMI" Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut
      An interactive chart of daily mean temperature for the portion of the arctic North of 80 Latitude from 1958 - 2013. You can select an individual year and have the temperature for each day of that year and average temperature from 1958 - 2013 displayed as a graph.

  5. University of Colorado Sea Level Research Group
    Graphs and links to data concerning changes in Global and Regional sea level.