A JavaScript web page for playing this old familiar game.
©2004, Bob Beeman
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More information about "TicTacToe"
This page implements a JavaScript that mechanizes the playing (or at least the scoring) of TicTacToe. The object of the game, of course, is to get 3 in a row: either "X" or "O". The first player gets "X" and the second player gets "O". The scripts for this page (which you can see by choosing "View Source" in your browser's menu) mechanize this, and check to see if someone has won.

When someone wins, further clicking is disabled, as the game is over. You can press the "New Game" button to clear the squares and start again at any time, but this is specially appropriate after someone has won.

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©2004, Bob Beeman
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My only reward for writing this is the 15 milliseconds of fame I receive from having my name here. Don't deprive me of that.

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