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Updated 2009-10-01 @ 00:32 EDT (UT-4)

A JavaScript web page for practicing the arithmetic tables. A set of cyber flash-cards for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. It allows you to drill each function at 7 different levels, and keeps statistics on when you did the drill, how long it took, and the numbers and kinds of errors. It alwo provides a cryptographic check sum so that your teacher can verify that you did the work.
A JavaScript web page for factoring numbers and finding primes.
Ever wonder whether your telephone number or Social Security number is prime, or what is the closest prime to some big number? Puzzle no more, this page will give you the answers!
It has now been updated to handle "Safe" prime calculations. A Safe prime is a prime P where (P-1)/2 is also prime.

Factoring Qudaratics
This page gives you an opportunity to practice factoring quadratic equations. Set the limits for the factors and click the "New Quadratic" button to generate a new random quadratic equation for you to factor. Then click the "Show Factors" button to reveal the prime factors of the quadratic. This will provide you with hours of fun!

Fraction Approximation
2006-03-01 We
Sometimes you may want to find a ratio of whole numbers that closely approximates some value. This calculator allows you to do this easily.

Numbers With the Same Sum and Product
2009-10-01 Th
This is an offshoot of the old 711 problem. A clerk multiplies the prices of a customer's four purchases and gets $7.11. The customer complains that the prices should be added, not multiplied. The clerk adds them and gets the same result. So what are the four numbers?

Here is a calculator to help you, and another puzzle where the four prices have a product and sum of $20.09. Good Luck!

Pythagorean Triples
2006-02-27 Mo
Pythagorean Triples are groups of 3 positive integers which have the property that a2 + b2 = c2. They are so called because a triangle with sides of these lengths is a right triangle, and therefore illustrate the Pythagorean Theorem. This calculator lets you find Pythagorean Triples that have a particular leg length or hypotenuse and search ranges of leg or hypotenuse lengths to find all Pythagorean Triples in the range.

Synthetic Division - Complex Numbers and Coefficients
2006-03-12 Su
Synthetic Division is a useful shortcut when you want to know the value of a polynomial function for a particular variable value, or to find factors/roots. The drawback of Synthetic Division is that, as usually demonstrated, it does not handle complex roots or coefficients. This page shows how to fix that, and includes a JavaScript routine to perform the division.
This version is preliminary, and will probably change soon.