Robert H. Beeman
My Patents
Updated 2004-09-27 MO  

Over the years, I have been blessed with the opportunity to work in an interesting profession - Electrical Engineering - first at GTE Automatic Electric in Northlake, IL, then with the same group in Phoenix, AZ, and finally with Siemens in Boca Raton, FL after Siemens purchased the telephone switching division of GTE in 1988.

During this 35+ year career, I was fortunate to have many inventive and intelligent supervisors and co-workers who encouraged me to exercise my creative inclinations. This resulted in the following US Patents, on all of which I am either the sole or a co-inventor.

The following table lists these patents as of this date. Click on the patent number to be taken to the corresponding web page at the US Patent and Trademark Office:

Patent # Issued Title Co-Inventors
6,628,762 2003-09-30 Method for the transmission of a high-bit-rate digital signal. Dr. T. Ahrndt
6,144,734 2000-11-07 Low-pass filters for splitterless POTS and data transmission. -
4,771,463 1988-09-13 Digital scrambling without error multiplication. -
4,719,643 1988-01-12 Pseudo random framing generator circuit. -
4,590,601 1986-05-20 Pseudo random framing detector circuit. -
4,590,600 1986-05-20 Dynamic digital equalizer. P. U. Lind
4,584,696 1986-04-22 Transmission response measurement P. U. Lind
4,486,627 1984-12-04 Cable load status detector S. J. Chmura
4,272,721 1981-06-09 Analog-to-digital converter alignment circuit -
4,041,248 1977-08-09 Tone detection synchronizer. L. A. Tarr
4,018,991 1977-04-19 Multifrequency signal parity detector. -
3,946,164 1976-03-23 Precise tone signal generator -
3,881,062 1975-04-29 Totalizer circuit for coin operated telephones R. V. Burns
3,875,526 1975-04-01 Two-frequency alternate tone generator. R. P. Dimmer
3,823,273 1974-07-09 Subscriber's telephone circuit.
[an electronic voice Integrated Circuit]
R. T. Cleary
3,760,269 1973-09-18 Multi-frequency tone detector. L. A. Tarr
3,582,565 1971-06-01 Tome [sic] channels for multifrequency receivers. R. V. Burns
R. T. Cleary