Palm Beach Grade Calculation
How Class and Exam Grades are Combined into a Final Grade in Palm Beach County, FL Public Schools.
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Important Notice

This calculator has not been approved or authorized by the Palm Beach County School Board.

Use the pull-downs to enter your grade for the quarters and Final/Midterm Exam. Your Semester grade will be displayed.

7-Class Schedule
Semester Grades
Palm Beach County Schools
 Q1/Q3   Q2/Q4   Exam   Semester 
8 8 4 20
A grade of F* is an F
because of the 2/3 rule.

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Thanks to Chris Foley for information on grade calculation.

This page calculates grades using the same methodology as Palm Beach County, FL Public Schools as shown in the Wellington HS Student Handbook, page 21. Grade tables are below, followed by the calculation procedure.

NOTE: that on this page the grade is determined by the sum of points from the two 9-Week grades amd the exam grade. The "division by 5" step has been eliminated and Table C similarly adjusted to make the process more transparent. The resulting grade is unaffected.

Regardless of point values, if the "2/3" rule is violated, the final grade is "F".

Table A
9-Week Grade
Table B
Exam Grade
Table C
Semester Grade
A[18, 20]
B[13, 18)
C[8, 13)
D[3, 8)
F[0, 3)
Table D
Grading Scale
Grade% Correct
A[90, 100]
B[80, 90)
C[70, 80)
D[60, 70)
F[0, 60)

Points and % Correct are shown using "Interval Notation" in which square brackets indicate that the value next to the bracket IS included in the interval, whereas parenthesis indicate that the value next to the parenthesis is NOT included in the interval.

For example:
[18, 20] All values starting with 18 and up to 20, inclusive.
[13, 18) All values starting with 13 and up to, but not including 18.
(7,  12) All values between 7 and 12 but not including 7 or 12.

7-Class Schedule - to find the Semester Grade:
    Regardless of anything below, any student with two (or three) out of the three grades as "F" receives an "F" for the semester.

  2. Determine a letter grade for each quarter and the final/midterm exam using the grade ranges in Table D.

  3. Use Table A to assign a point value to each Quarter grade. Use Table B to assign a point value to the Final or MidTerm exam. The possible point range for the semester is from zero through 20 points. Each quarter contributes from 0 to 8 points (40% of the total points ), while the exam contributes from 0 to 4 points (20% of the total points).

  4. Total the points from the two quarters and the exam.

  5. Find the letter grade corresponding to the above total in Table 3, subject to the 2/3 rule.

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